Charity Work

Paul Strank Roofing have over the years grown strong bonds with the local community. We have organised and participated in un-countable charity related events and activities benefiting those in need doing everything from running fundays, and assisting with the local guilds village fairs to attempting world records and jumping out of planes. We work in close partnership with local councils and community groups to do our utmost to raise money and awareness where it’s needed most and we provide a platform with our charity work to unify the local community behind a common cause to allow us as one to express our compassion and generosity by working together to better other people’s lives.

Specifically the three main charities that catch out attention most are the three charities we deal with that work directly with children from all walks of life in some of the most heart wrenching situations one can imagine.

Our work with BBC Children in Need has seen us shaking collection boxes on piazzas and commons, from funday to special events and everywhere in between.

BBC Children In Need Provide desperately needed support in the form of grants to organisations working with children who may have experienced mental, physical or sensory disabilities; behavioural or psychological disorders; are living in poverty or situations of deprivation; or suffering through distress, abuse or neglect.

The size and scale of the BBC Children in Need Appeal means that they are able to give grants to hundreds of different organisations, some of which are very small and don’t have the resources to fundraise for themselves and it precisely for this large scale ability to help such a variety of organisations that Paul so diligently supports this charity.

Another of the charities that Paul Strank Roofing work closely with is a charity that deals with deals directly with life-limited children is ShootingStar CHASE .

We first heard of this charity’s plight approximately 4 years ago, desperately short of funding with Christmas approaching fast they made an appeal for toys that the children had written to Santa for, Paul acted fast and worked hard for months pulling in as many donations as possible, whether it was money or toys we welcomed every donation with open arms, struggling our hardest to get these life limited children their Christmas wish during the holiday season.

Since then we have constantly raised money for this worthy charity with the hope that the money and awareness we raise for them each year makes it so that there is never so desperate a need for such a simple thing again.


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