Paul Strank Roofing in the Community

Paul Strank Roofing have grown from a small family business into a large, successful company that consistently exceeds expectations with the excellent standards of work that has become synonymous with our reputation. Our clients are so impressed with the quality of our work that they have no hesitation in frequently recommending us to friends and family. Thus, we have established a strong presence in the industry as the leading Roofing Services and Supplier Company in the London and Surrey areas over the last 45 years.

Paul Strank Roofing uses this reputation as a springboard to help raise money and awareness for local and national children’s charities.

Paul Strank Roofing have grown strong bonds with the local community. over the years and have been involved with innumerable charity related events and activities benefitting those in need, organising everything from Fundays and assisting local guilds’ Village Fairs to attempting World Records and jumping out of planes. We work in close partnership with local councils and community groups to do our utmost to raise money and awareness where it’s needed most. We aim to provide a platform with our charity work to unify the local community behind a common cause, allow us all to express our compassion and generosity as one by working together to better other people’s lives.

Paul Strank Roofing would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us throughout the years in our fundraising efforts.



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