Brick Restoration

Paul Strank Roofing offer a Brick Restoration and Reconditioning Service.

Facing bricks are constantly exposed to the elements and subjected to air pollution, a build up of dirt and general weathering.

The asthetic quality and durability of these bricks can therefore suffer if left untreated.

Most bricks lose their glow and decorative brickwork with ornate designs and embelishments are most affected.

We offer a thorough service of your bricks:

  • Cleaning of Bricks utilising a specially formulated compound that is industrial in strength yet gentle enough to avoid damage to your bricks unlike other more general procedures which are abrasive and can unnecessarily damage your bricks
  • Failed bricks can be cut out and replaced with specialized masonry tools. Our equipment allows us to precision-cut deep into brickwork in a safe manner, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding structure.
  • Repointing of all bricks can be undertaken by our highly trained craftsmen.

These quick and inexpensive services can be used to prolong the life of your bricks and the value of your home and also provides for an easy option to visually enhance the external appearance of your home.


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